Gym Rat

I love this title because I am soooo, not a gym rat. In fact, more frequently, the gym gives me a panic attack. Two weeks ago I went and ultimately left in tears. I felt ridiculous.

My history with The Gym goes back to high school. I joined a 24 Hour Nautilus with a friend of mine, I think because we wanted to see if we could really work out at 2:00am. I don’t remember ever going, so I’m guessing it was a very short lived adventure. That’s pretty much how all of my gym experiences go. I sign up, I don’t go, I pay, I don’t go, I cancel. The best time I had was when I worked with my gym buddy because we’d go at lunch time. Sometimes I’d exercise, sometimes I’d just hit the steam room. My favorite times were when I could afford a trainer. I really paid for a “shield.”  They shielded me from having to talk to people, from finding equipment, from deciding what to do, and from talking to people (oops – did I say that twice??).

So when The Hubster said he wanted to join the gym – I said, “Go ahead, but don’t sign me up.”  But he’s a clever fellow and ultimately I was hoodwinked into signing on the dotted line.  We both really joined for the pool and it was the whole process of working into a lane of a packed pool during my first visit that landed me in tears. I felt ridiculous and ashamed after that episode (and boy was it an EPISODE).  Knowing a little more about what to expect, I was armed with a mental plan and today we went back. I walked through the front doors, into the (smelly – SO smelly) locker room, through the TUNNEL out to the pool, SHARED A LANE, and I didn’t freak out. I swam just over a 1/2 mile and even through in a few flip turns in there just to be sure I still had it (ex JV Swim Team Girl here – WHOOP!!).

The truth? I had a good swim. Jerry had a good swim. I feel good. I liked it. I’ll probably even go back. What’s your workout kryptonite? What’s your FAVORITE workout?