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It’s true. The only way you’ll ultimately understand the touch of Comphy is to feel it yourself—but because it is so unique and so overwhelmingly soft, we had to try to describe the indescribable. So here it goes…


Sinking into a Comphy bed for the first time, your skin becomes surrounded with a sensation of softness unlike anything you’ve felt before. Other soft sheets may have a crisp coolness or a shiny, satiny texture, but the matte finish of Comphy’s high-performance microfiber feels light and supple instead. In addition to feeling simply luscious, the tactile quality is calming and restful, which we believe is one reason Comphy linens have been scientifically proven to promote sleep.


A fabric texture this superior doesn’t happen by accident. Comphy founder Mia Richardson made it her life’s mission to develop the most innovative, luxurious linens imaginable for the spa industry. She spent years doing research and development to get the quality just right, and in no time Comphy became the leading spa linen in the world. But to get the same quality for home linens, which spa guests began requesting adamantly, even further research was required to keep the fabric’s signature softness in much larger sheet dimensions. Thankfully, success was achieved. So you can rest assured (and comfortably) that there is great science and passion behind every Comphy product.

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