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Oncology Massage

At least 80% of my clients are currently undergoing cancer treatment or are cancer survivors. All of them have found me organically. I have a personal relationship with cancer. My husband was diagnosed with liver cancer and underwent a liver transplant in 2016. His cancer journey has spanned over a decade and I have been by his side as his caregiver every step of the way. This personal experience gives me a different perspective than many massage therapists and it gives me deep pride to be able to provide massage therapy for oncology support.

It’s important for clients to know that there is no national or state oversight for Oncology Massage Therapy.  There is no single educator, school, nor provider that can “certify” or issue a “certification” in Oncology Massage. If you are looking for a therapist who works with cancer warriors, make sure you speak with them. Massage is a personal experience and you want to feel comfortable you are working with someone who is knowledgeable, trustworthy, and compassionate. The same principle applies for terms like “medical massage”  or “sports massage” where true certifications do not exist but a therapist is communicating to you the style and type of massage service they provide. 



You will not regret taking the time for a Self Care Day and put it in the hands of Erin.

Stephanie T.

There are many times Erin makes me feel human again and I don’t know what I’d do without her.

Deena D.

During Treatment

We welcome anyone undergoing cancer or other medical treatments. We do request you have a conversation with your medical specialist and obtain written clearance from them to receive massage therapy treatments.


Medical treatments are difficult physically and emotionally. Massage can be an effective tool to help return your body to a state of balance. 


Massage during the final stages of life can provide comfort and ease anxiety, pain, and depression. Please contact our office to discuss the personal details of your loved one’s care.