Chair Massage

Congratulations! You’ve done all the Google searches for “chair massage,” “corporate massage,” and “Fort Lauderdale Chair Massage.” You’ve navigated your way through all of the big, national massage companies, the faceless franchises, and you made it to Simply Massage, where you can shop local to support local massage therapists through a massage company OWNED by a massage therapist.

What’s different about working with Simply Massage?

My corporate background gives me insight to what you’re working with. I’ve been the office manager. I’ve been the executive assistant to the CEO. I’ve planned endless corporate events, shopping for vendors, meeting a budget. I get it. We make the process easy: from the first proposal to working with your accounting department for invoicing and everything in between, we are a real, professional company (I didn’t get that business degree for nuthin’!)

I am also a massage therapist. I know what it takes to make a successful massage event. Our pricing reflects everything needed for an amazing experience: music, aromatherapy, and of course, top notch massage therapists who are licensed and insured in their craft. 







      Rates begin at $100 per hour with a $200 minimum (per therapist). Additional time is billed in 30 minute increments.

      Events, Expos and Conventions

      Planes, hotels, and walking, OH MY! Give convention attendees a second wind by sponsoring a chair massage booth at your next expo. Chair massage attracts more people to your booth and keeps them there longer, allowing you more time to engage with them to promote your product. Massage also leaves a lasting positive impression and attendees will seek out your booth year after year.

      Corporate Wellness

      Massage is a great addition to your corporate wellness program. Massage reduces stress, anxiety, and depression and gives a positive boost to company morale. Companies may choose to sponsor their massage program 100% or they may opt for our Employee Pay Option. We will work with you to establish a program that works best for your corporate culture.


      Add an unexpected element of joy to your next special event. We’ve added chair massage at office picnics, family reunions, birthday parties, bachelorette parties, summer pool parties, church events, sporting events and concerts. The opportunities are endless – be as creative as you can!

      What can I say about the healing hands of Erin of Simply Massage other than that I felt as if I were in heaven.


      I’ve had thousands of massages all over the world. Erin really knows what she’s doing.