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Chair Massage

You’ve searched for chair massage and are likely familiar with the benefits it offers:

  •  Morale booster
  • Team builder
  • Goal incentive
  • Reduces stress
  • Happy, healthy teams are more productive




    Why Choose Simply Massage?

      • Our therapists are licensed, insured professionals.


      • You’re shopping local. Your team is based in South Florida and so are we. Every dollar you spend supports the local market.


      • We make the process easy, from the first proposal to working with your accounting department for invoicing and everything in between, we are a real, professional company (I didn’t get that business degree for nothin’!).


      • We offer flexibility in staffing: Need one therapist for four employees? No problem. Need 20 therapists for 200 employees? Done.


      • Our pricing is one, flat rate to make your life easy. At $80 per hour, per therapist we are able to hire experienced massage therapists. We value the people who choose to work with us. The massage biz is physical, hard work and we want our team to feel as valued as you want your team to feel (which is why you want to treat them with a massage!). We include everything needed for an amazing experience: Music, aromatherapy, and of course, top notch massages with no upcharges.

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      Events, Expos and Conventions

      Planes, hotels, and walking, OH MY! Convention attendees are exhausted; give them a second wind! Chair massage draws people to your booth, keeping them there longer, allowing you more time to engage with them to promote your product. Massage also leaves a lasting positive impression with massage attendees and they will seek out your booth year after year.

      Corporate Wellness

      Massage is a great addition to your corporate wellness program. Massage reduces stress, anxiety, and depression and gives a positive boost to company morale. Companies may choose to sponsor their massage program 100% or they may opt for our Employee Pay Option. We will work with you to establish a program that works best for your corporate culture.


      Add an unexpected element of joy to your next special event. We’ve added chair massage at office picnics, family reunions, birthday parties, bachelorette parties, summer pool parties, church events, sporting events and concerts. The opportunities are endless – be as creative as you can!

      Great technique and demeanor.
      Randi W.

      Your massage was Simply Amazing!
      Jason S.