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Adventures of a Massage Therapist

Cat Food

Can I just tell you that I've spent hours (HOURS) researching cat food. It's so painful. I try not to be persuaded by commercials, but I want to give my babies food that will keep them healthy and allow them to live a long life. My little angel Cecilia is 12 years...

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Interesting Places I Go #4 – People’s Homes

Being invited into someone's home is always a great honor. I've been to very grand, lavish homes, and I've been to more modest abodes. Guarded gates, apartments, two-story walk-ups, and estates. But the feeling is the same: Your home is your sanctuary and you've...

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Be an Organ Donor #DonateLife

This month marks the one year anniversary of my husband's liver transplant. It has been quite a year. As with many big life events I think there's a part of me that says, "Wow, it's been a year already," and the other part says, "It's ONLY been a year?" It's been a...

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Acupuncture and Massage

I received acupuncture for the first time about two years ago. I was always curious, but skeptical. I also felt like it took some research on my part - I didn't want just anyone messing with my chi (I'll get back to that in a moment). Honestly, I also REALLY didn't...

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What is She Doing To Me? Part 2 – Why Do I have Knots?

I get this question a lot. Why do I have knots? What can I do to NOT get knots?  I cannot tell you how often I wish I had an MRI machine embedded in my brain. I'd love to see every muscle, scar, tear, break, and knot. It would be my super power (and flying - I mean...

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What is She Doing to Me? A Multi-Part Series

What is she doing to me? Many times I have clients that really, really try to figure out what I'm doing: Is that an elbow? Why is she moving so slowly? That feels GOOD but what is she doing? So I'm writing up a little series about massage technique to help you...

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No Growth in the Comfort Zone

This post started in early December 2016 as a cheery "Tis the Season" post. Didn't happen. As you can see, we've now entered 2017. Twenty Seventeen. I see lots of posts about how 2016 stunk. It was an interesting year for me. It was filled with challenges, but I can...

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I Can’t Sleep!

Whenever I'm feeling anxious I don't sleep. The wheels in my mind, they keep a-spinnin'.  Sometimes I need to write lists so my brain knows I won't forget about all of the important (and not so important) things I need to do. Unfortunately, lists sometimes aggravate...

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Erin Copelan

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