Welcome to the inaugural episode of Erin’s Tchotchkes (auto correct really really wants me to say “hopscotch” but alas… the word is TCHOTCHKE)! This show was birthed from the pandemic known as COVID-19. Hopefully someday folks will read this and say, “Huh, I wonder what that was all about?” It was the pandemic that shut the world down with a nasty virus that originated in China. For at least eight weeks (and counting…) Americans have been on stay at home orders, we are out of work, schools have been closed for the year, families can’t visit one another and the sick are dying alone. It’s the beginning of a new normal that may very well involve prolonged social distancing and public mask wearing. My business, Simply Massage, was ordered to close by the Government along with all other “non-essential” businesses. It is an unprecedented time of uncertainty.

During the pandemic I’ve been doing all KINDS of things. Closet clean out, continuing education, home improvements, and joining the world of ZOOM meetings. The inspiration from Erin’s Tchotchkes came from a coaching group I participate in on a monthly basis. Our coach, Mina Shah, started popping in on Facebook Live every day, Monday – Friday to provide us with resources to navigate this super weird time in our lives. At the beginning of each call, while she’s waiting for everyone to hop on, she pulls something off her shelf and talks about it. The personal insight and connection it provided quickly made it my favorite part of every session. So I thought to myself, “Gee, I’d LOVE to have a show where I JUST talked about my tchotchkes.” Then I thought, “Why don’t you???” So I did. No one was stopping me except for me (story of my life folks, story of my life). 

I told my husband I was launching a show called “Erin’s Tchotchkes.” In between gaps of laughter he said, “But you hate tchotchkes!” This is true. HOWEVER, for a person who doesn’t collect things, I have an awful lot of tchotchkes that bring me an awful lot of joy. But the show needed more than just talking about trinkets to be a “show”. The platform quickly came together in my mind. I will host guests, we will share our trinkets, they will share their work, and most importantly, their GIVE BACK. Because folks, that’s really what I’ve gained from this pandemic. My massage work is my give back to my community. I help people feel better, I help them move, I give them a slice of sanity. Without it I was lost. So HOW was I going to give back without it? 

I decided to breathe some new life into another facet of my massage business: Lemongrass Spa Products. I am an independent consultant for Lemongrass and while I don’t promote it a lot, I enjoy having them as a resource to offer my clients when needed. Lemongrass offers a line of natural and organic based products for the entire family (including mine!). My dad jokes that my mother has ALL the products and my sister debates that she has more. Even my husband is #TeamLemongrass. 

In our first episode of Erin’s Tchotchkes I talk about my very first tchotchke – and possibly my favorite tchotchke – the little owl my great-grandmother gave to me right off her kitchen table when I was four or five years old. I chit chat about the pandemic, how it’s affecting my work, and launch into my April Give Back.

UPDATE: Lemongrass Spa is so generous that they donated 50 meals to Feeding America for EVERY party order submitted in April for a GRAND TOTAL OF 81,600 meals. EIGHTY-ONE THOUSAND SIX HUNDRED. That’s HUGE and I thank every one of my peeps who joined forces with me to meet my goal! One person can make a difference – and that’s YOU my friend!

Check out Episode 1 on my YouTube channel and catch me every Saturday morning at 8:00am on Facebook Live. New guests will be joining in May and I’m so excited to share alllll of my tchotchkes with you!


With gratitude,