Dear Suzanne,

I expected a miracle. I had it all mapped out. I thought I saw it clearly. It was a tale friends would tell friends. How scary it was, but you were so lucky. 

But life isn’t fair sometimes.

You were on a journey. Marraige, children, a promotion. You were kicking ass and taking names. Surely you weren’t done. 

But life isn’t fair.

A young girl had lost her mother, she can’t possibly lose two. A mother and father had already lost a daughter. It couldn’t happen again. A brother had lost a sister four years ago. He wasn’t going to lose another.

Life isn’t fair.

With great suddenness you were called away. We don’t know where. We don’t know why. No one was ready. It doesn’t seem fair.

Our paths crossed twice in a lifetime, but this I know: you were loved. Your warmth will live on in the heart of your husband , your light will shine in your childrens’ eyes. You saved lives; both in life and in death.

The world was a better place because of you. Rest in peace dear cousin.

Suzanne Brown Wiesner 1970-2019