My Sweet Dukie patiently receiving his fluids.

It’s just over a month and Duke has been such a trooper. He knows the drill for the fluids and we have a little routine down. This routine includes Ted waiting outside the bathroom door, somewhat patiently, waiting for his turn to get treats. It’s a regular Treat Fest here at Casa de Copelan these days!

Today we received the results from Duke’s labs after four weeks (two bags) of fluids. There is no improvement; there has been a slight decline. He has lost more weight. Not a lot, but for a boy who was at 15 pounds at his biggest, he looks tiny to me at 12 pounds. Last week he had really bounced back with energy; this week he’s very lethargic. They tell me it’s very much a roller coaster and this kind of vacillation is to be expected. I learned that there is no recovery from kidney disease; only management. Based on Duke’s current numbers (Stage IV) the vet is unable to give me a timeline for Duke’s longevity (my heart aches so badly, I can barely type the words). As long as he’s still interested in food we will keep plugging along, keeping him comfortable.

Our fluid regimen is changing from 125ccs every other day to 100ccs every day if he will allow it. Currently, he’s been amazing. He just looks at me and purrs. Today when I bent down with the fluid bag he turned his back to me so I could access the scapula. Then he just sat down and purred.

This post will publish a week or two after I received the update from the vet. By then perhaps I’ll have digested it a little better. Right now it’s honestly unbearable to me. I cannot go back and change anything, but Lord knows I wish I could. If only our fur babies could live forever. Thankfully, they live eternally in our hearts.

He was sitting just outside the door, but when I bent down, he came to me (marking along the way – ALWAYS the Alpha Cat)