I received a monthly newsletter from Bombay Room Yoga today. The “new” owner (as of January) is a lovely person and I recently discovered her and her space about a month ago. Yoga is like massage, different spaces and different instructors provide different experiences and heal you in different ways. I’ve started classes at Bombay Room and classes at the BRAND new Peace Heal Grow. Both have amazing, welcoming spaces providing very different services.

In Michelle’s newsletter she wrote a lovely spot on expectations. It really hit home for me today. It’s been a theme that I need to pay more attention to. I had a conflict with someone recently and I asked my husband what he thought of it. “Expectations,” is what he said (ah, such a wise man).

Yesterday, our smoke detector battery went out. I asked loving hubby to change it. He said he would. My expectation? That he would change it NOW (ie on my timeline). When he didn’t, I got all frustrated and I changed it myself. What was my problem (besides hormones)? Expectations.

I have a lot of expectations, not only of other people, but of myself. Mostly of myself. If you were in my head you’d hear a lot of:

“You should be…”

“Why aren’t you…”

“Why don’t you…”

“Your business should be doing…”

So I’m going to focus these last three months of 2018 on expectations. I’m going to work on “expecting nothing and accepting everything.” Thank you Michelle! Have any good reading on managing expectations? Please share in the comments for me and our readers!