I love Christmas cards. I actually love any kind of card. I love anything I receive in the mail that isn’t a bill. I enjoy the little spark of joy when I pull the envelope out of the mailbox. I get a kick out of breaking the seal. I enjoy the decorative front and what it says about the personality of the sender. It’s an extra bonus if there’s a little hand written note inside. Each step has its own facet of joy.

This year I especially enjoyed the cards from my husband’s friends. They had lovely notes in them, actually written by the men. One included a side note for me, “Erin – Keep Jerry working!” Hahaha. I’m working on that. 😉  My favorite card was the one with a photo of a newborn and her dog. I’ve known her daddy since he was a baby; I was his babysitter. I’m unbearably excited to meet his daughter in 2018. Another sender’s card had a jolly picture of their pup and two others had loving pictures of weddings from earlier in the year. One had an invoice in it… I had to laugh; gotta appreciate multi-tasking.

Sadly, my card sending was lacking this year (I actually enjoy card writing as much as card receiving). Life has been a blur the past few months. My family visited in November, over Thanksgiving. Then a few weeks later my bestie visited with her two kiddos. All good times, good memories (I finally saw my first Florida gator!). Then it was Christmas. My bestie dubbed this the “Year of the Pop Up Christmas,” and she wasn’t kidding. My decorations went up on December 23. Now it’s the new year. I’m very excited about 2018 – I’ve decided it’s going to be an excellent year. Plus, I like writing the number eight. When I told my hubby this he groaned. Apparently, it’s not easy for a lefty to write the number eight. When I thought about it, his 8 sometimes looks like a 9 because the bottom circle gets all smashed up. Fun Fact about Erin: I make my 8 like a “figure eight” and not two circles. I hope everyone else is as optimistic about the new year as I am. We all have the power to make it amazing.