Ted, ready for his massage.

Being invited into someone’s home is always a great honor. I’ve been to very grand, lavish homes, and I’ve been to more modest abodes. Guarded gates, apartments, two-story walk-ups, and estates. But the feeling is the same: Your home is your sanctuary and you’ve invited me into your space to help maintain your wellness. I try to keep my transportation costs as low as possible, while also accounting for the travel time when I’m not massaging. Some therapists only work in a brick and mortar facility – they can massage 6+ hours a day, increasing their income. Some therapists only do mobile massage, foregoing the overhead of rent and other facility operating expenses. Me? I keep both. Why? For you. Some clients can only relax outside of their home. Some really enjoy the convenience of me coming to them. So I try to create a balance in my business to keep everyone happy. Yep, I’m a people pleaser. Side note: I only charge one transportation fee, so if husband and wife want massages at home, or you have company visiting and want to indulge in a little relaxation treat, there only one transportation fee and my regular rates apply to all massage services.

In addition to my regular massage joys of helping you get rid of your aches and pains, when I visit homes I sometimes I even get extra entertainment:

The Children

I treated a mother who was having the hardest day with her baby. I walked through the front door and he BEAMED at me. Flashed is beautiful blue eyes and gave me the biggest grin and giggle! She looked at me in disbelief and she may have been a little peeved. He had been a terror all. day. long. She just shook her head and told me she may never let me leave.

In a separate home I started to set up my equipment in the toddler’s bedroom. At the age of three, he did NOT like me being in his space and launched into a mini-tantrum (not super relaxing for mom and dad). I knelt down to talk to him and I promised that I wouldn’t touch any of his stuff and that I’d clean up all my mess and it would be exactly as he left it. With his permission, I was able to set up for the massages. It took a few extra minutes, but it was well worth it.

The Dogs

Oh the dogs! I think my clients’ dogs are the BEST. There is one super duper standard poodle who loves getting a little massage after his mommy gets hers. He leans on me and looks at me with his beautiful brown eyes and I just adore him! I’ll always take some time to share some massage love with the pooches that like it.

The Cats

Cats. Cats are tricky little buggers. Including my three cats. Felines tend to be at either end of a broad spectrum: they are terrified and want NOTHING to do with me. OR they want to be in the middle of EVERYTHING. It’s the latter that’s tricky. When you’re receiving a massage and the cat jumps on the table it can scare the bejezus out of you. That kind of undoes my work, which is a total bummer. There is an adorable kitty, who after months and months of me visiting, finally warmed up to me and will now allow me to touch her. On a particularly chilly morning, she hopped onto the foot of the table and nestled into the feet of her owner. Yes, it was adorable. Even the most curious kitties will usually settle down and be content to observe me from a distance.

So thank you for inviting me into your world – it’s always a pleasure for me!