I didn’t have a catchy title for this one. I woke up this morning, on Election Day in America, started making a cup of tea (Pumpkin Chai – super yummy), and pulled up Facebook to see what was up in Social Media World. I read the most disturbing, angry, argumentative, uninformed posts. One was literally two people debating back and forth: Hillary is a liar. No, Trump is a liar. The rhetoric wasn’t much more elaborate than that. I found it asinine. I also read desperate, pleading posts from people praying for our country. It made my heart sad.

As a general rule, I steer clear of discussing politics. First, I don’t like heated, personal debates. Second, I respect a persons’ views, even if they are different from mine. Many times I feel that respect is not reciprocated, which leads back to issue #1. Third, if I am going to debate, I need to be informed. I will have a discussion and communicate my feelings, and make clear a statement is my opinion, but in the world of the Internet, people regurgitate information but never really read, listen, or HEAR what is being said. Which again leads back to issue #1.

I always vote. ALWAYS. Even in the non-presidential years. It is a right our forefathers fought for. It is a right citizens of some countries don’t have. It is how we use our voice in this process. No matter how broken and corrupt the process is, until we change it, voting is our voice. This is also the first election I have lost sleep over. It is the first election that has turned my stomach. It is the first election I didn’t WANT to vote in. I don’t see good coming from either major party candidate. The ballot measures took an unreasonable amount of time to research and decipher what we were really voting for. An example: In Florida we have a measure about “A Penny at Work.” Raise tax by one HALF a penny and look at what we can do!! (they are actually two 1/2 cent ballot measures and both must pass or both fail – bureaucracy at its finest). With all of the marketing you think – oh a HALF A PENNY – EVERYONE HAS A PENNY! I have pennies in my COUCH! But it’s not one PENNY. It’s a 1% sales tax increase. Yes, I know the math… a penny per dollar… so they aren’t lying, they just hope people won’t read the fine print. I wonder how much money was wasted on marketing for that one… In California they have measures ranging from banning plastic bags to the death penalty. Just thinking about having to research all of that makes my brain hurt. In a time when everyone throws around the word “transparency,” nothing seems clear.

On this historical day, I can only hope that people get out and vote. My bigger wish is for people to be kind. I fear for what tonight will bring. Hate will get us nowhere.

The light in me honors the light in each and every one of you (Namaste),