A happy Duke.

So I may be crazy, and I may be a lady (I’m sure I know people who could make the argument both ways for both categories where I’m concerned); however I wouldn’t really categorize myself as a Crazy Cat Lady. I am an animal lover. Love the fur babies. Generally, animals like me too. I fall into the category of, “Oh my gosh, Fluffy never goes to ANYONE and she’s letting you PET HER.”

I have three fur babies: Cecilia (11), Theodore (10), and Duke (8). All were rescues. I actually have an album of rescues, dogs and cats, but these are the three that reside with me. Now that we’ve moved into our new house, along with it comes a new neighborhood and apparently, a cat issue. This is a huge challenge for an animal lover like me who 1) wants to feed anything that is hungry; 2) wants to stop the overpopulation of animals; 3) wants to snuggle everything.

During the move into the new house a cute little black kitty appeared mewing and rubbing on me and my sister. I chased her away. Obviously the previous residents fed her. No, I didn’t want to chase her, but I HAVE three cats, who at the time needed their flea control updated and well, I HAVE three cats. A few days later I met her guardians. They live across the street. So at least she had a home. I haven’t seen them in a little while, nor her, and today she popped up at my front door meowing and rubbing, and begging, begging, begging. It’s possible she just had kittens, or she’s been locked up somewhere by mistake and is really hungry. But I HAVE three cats. I went back inside, no food for Sabbie.

This week I ran into kitty number two. This boy is feral. Wild. Won’t come within 10 feet of me. He’s skin and bones. Looks to be a Siamese mix – that unmistakable face – and orange. I’m guessing he’s sick; feral cats typically are thin, but there is lots to hunt around here (as is evidenced by the cats I keep finding in the brush at my OTHER neighbor’s house) and this boy is emaciated. I don’t know what to do about him. Again, I won’t put food out and I don’t want to get too close because I don’t want to pick up anything that might transmit to my three babies. But it breaks my heart.

I’ve had two other cat sightings (totaling four) in a very small area. When I saw the pregnant cat my heart broke. So today I’m channeling Bob Barker: Please spay and neuter your pets. There are low cost clinics nationwide. Great organizations and no kill shelters that help find forever homes for loving fur babies. Even Amazon has a donation program: Just shop www.smile.amazon.com and they donate 0.5% (hey, it’s something) of your purchases to the charity you choose (I donate to the International Spay Neuter Network). Here in Florida you can even donate through your license plate: Yep, I support the Florida Animal Friend who issues grants to organizations providing spaying and neutering services.

The fur babies thank you.


Duke, when he decided to move in with us 7 years ago.