(A Pre-Quarantine Photo. We are NOT this tan).


Okay. So. As part of my husband’s recovery processes he essentially had to be under quarantine. Even more so than the typical transplant recipient, due to some complications. So he couldn’t go out. No one could come here. Even though I was allowed to go out, I really did so only for food and work. I mean seriously, what was I gonna do, “Hey Sweet Cheeks, I’m gonna bounce and check out the clubs while you’re just sitting here. Late.” That scenario was as likely to happen as me actually speaking like that… So what did we do to prevent some type of mutual murderous situation? I shall tell you (hold on to your seat, you’re going to be blown away with excitement):

We Watched TV

Lots of it. Thanks to PBS I binged on a few seasons of Downton Abby (gotta say, I loved that show – didn’t think I would but I DID). Then I started watching Sex and the City from the beginning. Jerry doesn’t dig it so I’m still working my way through this one. Jerry’s watching Justified (that’s pretty good too), and Bosch (we watch this one together). We (meaning he) has a two episode limit, so we bounce between shows. Me? I’d watch the same show until my eyes bled. A few years ago I watched all of Breaking Bad in about a week. I finally had to stop watching it at night because it entered my dreams in very weird ways.

We Ate

So eating three meals a day, at home, is kind of a chore. It involves a lot of grocery shopping, planning, cooking, and (ugh) CLEANING. Thankfully my parents and my sister bought us a trial of Blue Apron. It’s been pretty good so far. Cuts down on the grocery shopping and the meal planning. Makes it easy for me to fill in meals based on what’s already coming. For example, if I know Blue Apron is feeding me chicken and pork, it’s a no brainer for me to fill in with some fish and pasta. And it’s pretty mindless, you just follow the directions. The nicest thing is that Jerry has been doing it with me. That makes it a lot of fun.

This eating and TV also made me feel like. Well, crap. So I joined Orange Theory. Blog to follow…

We Unpacked

But. It. Never. Ends.


With that comes organizing, re-organizing, and selling stuff. I’m still working through my very serious decluttering project. It’s been ongoing for about two years. Yes, it comes in spurts, but I like it, so I keep trying to purge (and NOT replace). I’m stuck at the moment and my office looks like a bomb just went off (according to Jerry who just walked in here, made that proclamation, followed by, “you know what would be good,” which resulted in me politely closing the door with him on the other side of it). Oh yeah, we’re like two months into this quarantine thing…

We Napped

Whenever. It was good.


BUT. Now the amazing doctors at Cleveland Clinic have given Jerry the green light to go out. Caution is still necessary, but we get to go to a RESTAURANT to celebrate his birthday. So we are meeting my sister for some fancy dining tonight (I shall not disclose the actual date and location of said outing so that my fans and paparazzi don’t hound us). But let me tell you, we are EXCITED. It’s like I keep saying over and over, be grateful for the little things.