I probably only need to say that one little word. If you’ve moved recently, your back just went into spasm at the thought of the word. If it’s been a while your brain may have blocked the memories as a defensive mechanism. Because I’m your friend, I shall remind you of the trials of moving:

You Have Too Much Stuff. But you move it anyway. My sister has been an immense help in transporting my life across town. I spent an entire day saying, “Why do I have this?” then putting it in a box. I have actually purged a lot. I even read the Konmari Method of Decluttering Your Life. I’m getting there slowly but surely.

Moving is expensive. I don’t think I have much more to add to that. It just is. We can’t move all the big stuff ourselves and we can’t walk away from it and buy all new stuff. So it costs money.

Your brain stops working.  This is my 13th move over my entire lifetime. The first two didn’t count because I was a kid and my parents did everything. I honestly don’t even remember moving trucks, boxes, etc (see how my brain blocked that?). The next eight moves were in my 20s and my life fit in my car, so not really a big deal (or I blocked those too). But the BIG TWO I remember. California to Texas and five years later, Texas to Florida. Those kicked my @ss. I was so tired that my brain just stopped functioning. I was blessed with amazing friends that helped feed me, pack me, and make me laugh. That’s how I did it. So this move freaked me out. My husband has reminded me a BAZILLION times that this move, #13, across town, is easy peasy. Ehhhh… I’m pretty much wrecked. See, this whole paragraph doesn’t make any sense and I’m too tired to rewrite it.

Moving services is the worst part. I ordered new cable TV service. They repeated the order. Twice. Explained it. Hours later I received the email confirmation. It was wrong. I had to contact them again. They wanted to charge me shipping for the part I ordered that they didn’t ship. Ugh. More negotiating. Shipping waived. Exhausting.

Changing addresses is the worst part. So I changed my mind about #4 (refer to #3 “brain stops working”). Changing all of your addresses with everyone and everything is a time suck.

It’s a universal explanation for crazy. When I moved from Texas to Florida I took my cats to the vet for vaccines, exams etc., pre-move. One cat needed a tooth extracted. When I picked them up, a different cat had her tooth taken out. I went to a special level of cray-cray. Tears, tears, yelling, tears, and lots of staring. AT ME. Once I calmed down I explained that I was moving and everyone went, “ohhhh, you poor dear, we understand.” Side note: the vet did the correct procedure, it just ended up that cat #1 didn’t need a tooth extracted after all and cat #2 had a super loose one that needed to come out.

So this crazy blog post was written in a fog of fatigue, mid-move, among piles of boxes and paper and partially empty closets. I’m blessed to have a husband that accepts (mostly) my crazy, will eat pizza when I just can’t cook, and says “yes dear,” when I want to throw away a wine bottle shaped like fish (but NO to the Jack-in-the-Box bobble head). Some stuff is here, some stuff is there. By next week, I should be all in one place. Still among piles of boxes, but I’ll be home. Home Sweet Home.

Here’s a twist – what was the BEST part about your last move?