For those of you getting to know me, I love yoga. Love it. Massage and yoga, it’s pretty much all I ever want to do. Give massage, get massage, take yoga classes, and eventually I want to teach yoga (I’m working on saving the big bucks for my training).

So when I found out I got FREE yoga on the BEACH as party of my anniversary stay-cation with my hubby, I was over the moon. He even agreed to do it with me (trust me when I say this was a sacrifice made entirely out of love and desire to please his wife). After a lovely dinner and great sleep, we woke with the sun and had a light in-room breakfast. By 7:30am it was already hot out. I was convinced it would be much cooler by the ocean compared to our balcony high in the sky. At 9:00 I decided I was going for it – hubby opted out which turned out to be the smartest choice for him. I trotted down to the beach, towel, sunscreen, and sunglasses in hand.

Sign up was easy, the W provided clean mats, towels and water. They combed a section of beach so it was smooth. About seven of us showed up. I shared my sunscreen with 1/2 of them (that Florida sun will crisp you right up!). Yes, we all wore sunglasses (which I thought would be weird, but oddly it worked). Then the learning began:

  1. Yoga on the beach = SAND. Yeah, yeah, yeah go ahead and say it: duh, Erin. But it gets everywhere. I tried to be gracious and not kick sand in my neighbor’s mouth during my three-legged dog. I was almost successful keeping sand out of my own mouth. So close.
  2. Sunscreen = GLUE. I would NEVER suggest not wearing sunscreen, so this is a necessary evil. By the way, the glue is for the sand. So where it gets, it stays (feet, forehead, back, arms…).
  3. Balancing on sand = HARD. The sand and glue I half expected and honestly wasn’t too bothered by them. This one hadn’t really crossed my mind. Actually, everything was harder. It was a Hatha yoga class, beginner level, with lots of stretching, heart (chest) openers, mostly seated or on hands and knees. But your hands and knees sink and create little pits in the sand which skews your alignment. I noticed it most during some down-dog to plank moves. My wrists sunk into the sand creating discomfort for me and I had to adjust. What did it teach me? I have too much weight improperly placed in my wrists instead of spread through my hands (look at me semi-teaching the yoga… I’m going to be unbearable once I’m official!). We did one standing pose of Warrior III and again the sinking sand foiled me.
  4. Savasana at 10:30am = LIKE LYING ON THE SURFACE OF THE SUN. Honestly, at the end of class, I was so hot and close to over heated that I was going to skip Corpse Pose for fear of becoming one. However, the W folks have learned a few things and they announced pre-rest that they would be coming around with iced towels. YESSSSS. So Savasana was saved by an ice towel on my face. It was still like lying on the surface of the sun as the sand was hot, the mat was hot, and I was hot. Hot. It was a very short Savasana, which I think we were all thankful for.

All in all it was an enjoyable, learning experience for me. The smells of the beach and the ocean were wonderful. I still love the idea of yoga on the beach. I decided that evening beach yoga is probably much better without the sun blasting on you; and a place that offers VIEWS of the beach, which is outdoors and with a solid floor would be my dream. Where’s your dream place to practice yoga?

Cheers and Namaste,