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I am not a big skin care, make-up, foofy kinda girl. I’m just not. Never have been. I like my products to be effective and now that I’ve been listening more and learning more, I’m discovering how important it is for our skin products to be safe. Our skin is our largest organ (we carry about 8lbs of it) and we know we absorb products through our skin. We have become increasingly aware of what we put in our bodies (don’t make me break out my GMO soapbox), but what about what we put ON our bodies? Chemicals have been attributed to breast cancer and the onset of early puberty in children. Here is an informative article published by Breast Cancer Fund and includes multiple links about chemicals in our food, plastics, cosmetics, etc. Breast Cancer & Our Environment.

I’ve had my ear to the ground about the cosmetics issue for some time now. Recently I was introduced to Lemongrass Spa Products. I tried some of their products and about 30 days later I decided to rep for them. I. Love. Their. Stuff.  I have been known to make my own scrubs, soaks, and facial masks, but let’s get real. I don’t have the time. I’m not even a MOM (I don’t know how y’all do it). By the time I buy all the stuff, I’ve spent a fortune. I don’t have the room to store everything, and I generally make a big a$$ mess. These products are all handmade in Colorado. The scrubs are just like what I’d make at home – but lots of great scents. Yes, I’ve made my own lotion out of coconut oil too (did I already mention the big a$$ mess?). My Lemongrass starter kit came with samples of nine different lotion scents: from lavender vanilla to grapefruit lily. There’s a men’s line and a line for Baby. Insect repellents and sunscreen for kiddos. Hate all scents? They have UNSCENTED. They have Vegan, Gluten Free… so many great options. Added bonus: the prices are actually reasonable.

I’ve already switched all of my face care and body care and I’m just delving into the make-up. I’ll say right now that their BB Creme is like a little veil of velvet for your face. I’ll be peppering my blog with honest reviews of their products. First up will be the facial cleansing system. I’d like to try hosting a Facebook Party (yeah – that’s a thing – with a Live Feed and everything). So let me know what topics you’re interested in and I’ll figure out how the camera thingy on my computer works.

In the meantime, check out the Spring – Summer Catalog 2016. Several of my Florida massage clients are already enjoying these products, but another thing I love is that I can share these products with everyone, no matter where you hang your hat.  If you want to try any products we have a 60 day return policy (doesn’t cover shipping though). You also get the added bonus of having little old me as your personal representative to answer any questions you may have!